Webmaster Learn here How can you Earn Money !!.

If you Have a website/Blog etc. where you can make your own changes then you should have to start earning today from your website/Blogs etc. There are some websites which give option to earn online money to Blog or website owner. They will show these advertisemnets at your website or Blog and you will get money from these advertisements. Be careful with publisher program and read there policy for display ads on your website otherwise your publisher account may get suspend or terminate permanently. These all sites register you under publisher program.

Understand about Publisher Program:

There are two types of programs for website owners. One is Advertiser and second is Publisher. Advertiser is that person who show his ads at another website by contacting any company or website. And Publisher is that person who show the Advertiser's ads at his own website or Blog. All earning is depend on your website traffic. Website traffic means how many users or peoples viewing your website daily. This thing we called traffic, more traffic will help you in earn more money but leading or bringing more traffic via any software or intentionally to earn money may suspend or terminate your account.

How you will get your money:

Some Publisher websites are sending money by cheque at your own home address or the address you given during sign up time. And some publisher websites send money to you by Paypal or Alert Pay. If you have AlertPay / Paypal account then no need to worry about it. But if you have not any Paypal or Alert pay account then you can create account by clicking here. Paypal and Alert pay both accounts are free and you can register Free. Learn more about Paypal and Alert Pay.

Ad Code installation in website.

You can add many advertisement at your own website. Login in your account and then create ad. After creating ads a full HTML based codes will come, you have to copy an paste that code in your website, wherever you want to show your ads. If you get any problem then you can Contact Us.


  1. Don't Click on your ads.
  2. Your account will be closed by the publisher owner if you will click on your own ads.
  3. Don't force anyone to click on ads. Your account may be suspended or terminate permanently if you will do so.
  4. Don't display your ads on any website or page which will lead or force the user to click on ads.
  5. Publisher company keep reviewing your website on daily basis and if they found anything such which may be breaking the policy or misleading the users to force on ads then your account may get suspend or terminate permanently.
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