Start EARNING MONEY by Receiving SMS ads on your mobile

Do you know , you can Earn Money by receiving advertisement SMS on your mobile. Now a days there are so many companies who pays you by sending 1-10 sms ads daily on your mobile. You have not to do anything and not need to spend time daily on internet. Just register at website, after registration they will ask to verify by sms. Then verify your mobile and sit back. Your earning will increase day by day. If you want to earn more money then send your unique referral link to your friends to get registered and earn money. And you will also get some part of your friends earning.

Why they Pay you?

May be you have question that why they will pay you. So here is the answer, they pays you because other companies hire them to advertise about new products & offers, and the advertising companies needs peoples to advertise. So they are requesting to you to register with your mobile number to tell you about new offers and products.

How much you can earn?

You can earn 10 paisa-2 rupees per sms ads.. You can specify your preference of ads type by visiting preference link on website. When you will earn 300Rs or 500Rs according to website policies then they will send your earnings to you.

How you will get your Money?

Most of the companies sends your earning by cheque at your given address but some also offers to transfer online money in your bank account or Paypal/ Alert pay account. So you should have also register with Paypal and Alert Pay. Both account opening is totally Free.


  1. You can send Free sms to your friends anywhere in India.
  2. You can get connected always with your friends by sharing your message .
  3. Sometimes you lost friends because they change those mobile numbers. At that time you can connect with him by doing message to him at his id.
  4. The important benefit you get earn money without doing anything.

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