Open an Online Account

Before joining any website you need to open an online account for money transfer. Most of the websites sends money to your Pay Pal or Alert pay account and from these accounts you can transfer money to your Bank account or can get money by cheque. Paypal or Alert Pay account is free to open. Register on PayPal or Alert Pay with your email id and then login in your email account, confirm the message which had been send by Paypal/Alert Pay to your email address.


Your Paypal or Alert Pay ID?

Alert Pay or Paypal id is nothing, it is just your email id with whom you had registered there. Whenever anyone wants your Paypal/Alert Pay id then just fill up there your email address with which you registered at PayPal/AlertPay. Make your password different at Paypal or Alert pay from other websites or emails.

How you will get your money:

You can transfer your Paypal or alert pay money to any of your bank account or credit card. You can also request for cheque which will be send to you at your given address.


  1. You can add more email id's to your PayPal or Alert Pay account.
  2. Never give your Alertpay or Paypal password to any friend or anyone.
  3. If you need any help then feel free to contact me, we feel happy to help you.

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