Learn !! How can you Earn by File Sharing.

Earning money with File Sharing websites is very easy and simple. Daily you need to send the files to your friends and there is a limited megabytes attachement in emails, but here you can send files of a huge megabytes and your friend will receive this. File sharing websites give us opportunities to Online Earnings from Home without any Investment. These sites, pay us when anyone download the file where we uploaded those files. You simply have to upload the file and send that link to your friend or send that link at your blog, website etc. .You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid from $0.01 to $0.10 for each download. Payment requests can be made after completing the minimum earning criteria and will processed through Alertpay/ PayPal. The minimum payout is $5.00 to $10.00 depends on individual sites policy.

How much you can earn:

I will not give you any false facts, File Sharing websites are not a get rich programs but, you can earn some extra money from these program or websites. Your all earnings is based on file downloading, so upload these type of files which will be usefull for user, and it will be best for you that leave the download link at social communities or your blog.

How you will get your money:

All File Sharing sites (who offer to earn money) will send your payment in your AlertPay/ PayPal account. So, you have to open account at Alertpay/ PayPal. Once you collect the money in your Alertpay/ PayPal account, you can request for cheque or bank transfer at any time Alertpay will send cheque at your mailing address. Its Free to open, Click Here to open the account if you did not opened already. (Open Alertpay/ Paypal account Now.)

Tips & Warnings:

  1. Be sure you are login at the time you upload any files.
  2. Be carefull at uploading time.
  3. Never upload any personal or secret file, others may can see it.
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